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Cucumbers production of the states

2012 cash receipts: Crops: Cucumbers

Rank State Value ($1,000) % of total U.S. cucumber receipts
1. Florida 115,128 27.29%
2. Michigan 51,577 12.23%
3. North Carolina 29,513 7.00%
4. New York 25,822 6.12%
5. New Jersey 15,717 3.73%
6. Ohio 10,013 2.37%
7. Texas 7,695 1.82%
8. South Carolina 6,260 1.48%
9. Delaware 5,335 1.26%
10. Virginia 2,340 0.56%
11. Indiana 900 0.21%
Source: USDA:Economic Research Service

The numbers listed for "Value ($1,000)" represent the value of the cucumbers in thousands of dollars. For example, a number listed as 450,000 (four hundred and fifty thousand) equates to an actual value of $450,000,000 (four hundred and fifty million dollars).

Note: Data are not collected by the Economic Research Service in surveys for some minor commodities and for some minor producing states for commodities that are surveyed. This is why percentages do not always add up to 100% and all states that produce a product may not be listed.

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