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Every state of the Union has given birth to people who have left a lasting impression on our history and culture. The following native Ohioans have played distinctive roles.

Born in Ohio

Famous Ohioans (Buckeyes)
Name Born / Died Place
Berenice Abbott
(Born: Bernice Abbott)
Born: July 17, 1898 Springfield
Died: December 9, 1991 Monson, Me.
Sherwood Anderson
Born: September 13, 1876 Camden
Died: March 8, 1941 Colon, Panama
George Edward "Eddie" Arcaro
Born: February 19, 1916 Cincinnati
Died: November 4, 1997 Miami, Fla.
Neil Alden Armstrong
Astronaut, Test pilot, Educator
Born: August 5, 1930 Wapakoneta
James Gilmore "Jim" Backus
Born: February 25, 1913 Cleveland
Died: July 3, 1989 Los Angeles, Calif.
Daniel Carter Beard
(Nickname: Uncle Dan)
Illustrator, Author, Founder: Boy Scouts of America
Born: June 21, 1850 Cincinnati
Died: June 11, 1941 Suffern, N.Y.
George Wesley Bellows
Born: August 12 or 19, 1882 Columbus
Died: January 8, 1925 New York, N.Y.
Willard Harrison Bennett
Nuclear Physicist, Inventor
Born: June 13, 1903 Findlay
Died: September 28, 1987 North Carolina
Halle Maria Berry
(Born: Maria Halle Berry)
Actress, Model
Born: August 14, 1966 Cleveland
Albert Jeremiah Beveridge
U.S. Senator, Historian
Born: October 6, 1862 Highland County
Died: April 27, 1927 Indianapolis, Ind.
Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce
Writer, Journalist
Born: June 24, 1842 Meigs County
Died: 1914? Chihuahua, Mexico
Erma Louise Bombeck
(Born: Erma Fiste)
Newspaper columnist, Humorist
Born: February 21, 1927 Dayton
Died: April 22, 1996 San Francisco, Calif.
William Lawrence "Bill" Boyd
Actor, "Hopalong Cassidy"
Born: June 5, 1895 Hendrysburg
Died: September 12, 1972 Laguna Beach, Calif.
Louis Bromfield
(Born: Louis Brumfield)
Writer, Conservationist
Born: December 27, 1896 Mansfield
Died: March 18, 1956 Columbus
William Merriam Burton
Born: November 17, 1865 Cleveland
Died: December 29, 1954 Miami, Fla.
Prescott Sheldon Bush
Businessman, Wall Street banker, U.S. Senator
Born: May 15, 1895 Columbus
Died: October 8, 1972 New York, N.Y.
Milton Arthur Paul Caniff
Born: February 28, 1907 Hillsboro
Died: April 3, 1988 New York, N.Y.
Nancy Campbell Cartwright
Voice actress
Born: October 25, 1957 Dayton
Tracy Chapman
Singer, Songwriter
Born: March 30, 1964 Cleveland
William Roger Clemens
Baseball player
Born: August 4, 1962 Dayton
John Roger Commons
Born: October 13, 1862 Hollandsburg
Died: May 11, 1945 Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Arthur Holy Compton
Nobel Prize-winning physicist
Born: September 10, 1892 Wooster
Died: March 15, 1962 Berkeley, Calif.
Thomas Daniel "Tim" Conway
Actor, Comedian
Born: December 15, 1933 Willoughby
Harold Hart Crane
Born: July 21, 1899 Garrettsville
Died: April 27, 1932 At sea, off Fla. coast
Lawrence Richard "Larry" Csonka
Football player
Born: December 25, 1946 Stow
George Armstrong Custer
U.S. Army Officer
Born: December 5, 1839 New Rumley
Died: June 25, 1876 Little Big Horn, Mont.
Dorothy Jean Dandridge
Born: November 9, 1922 Cleveland
Died: September 8, 1965 West Hollywood, Calif.
Doris Day
(Born: Doris Mary Anne von Kappelhoff)
Singer, Actress, Animal welfare advocate
Born: April 3, 1924 Evanston
Clarence Seward Darrow
Born: April 18, 1857 Kinsman Township
Died: March 13, 1938 Chicago, Ill.
Ruby Dee
(Born: Ruby Ann Wallace)
Actress, Poet, Playwright, Screenwriter, Journalist
Born: October 27, 1924 Cleveland
Phyllis Diller
(Born: Phyllis Driver)
Born: July 17, 1917 Lima
Phillip John "Phil" Donahue
Talk show host, Writer
Born: December 21, 1935 Cleveland
Hugh Malcolm Downs
Television host, Broadcaster, Producer, Author
Born: February 14, 1921 Akron
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Born: June 27, 1872 Dayton
Died: February 9, 1906 Dayton
Thomas Alva Edison
Inventor, Businessman
Born: February 11, 1847 Milan
Died: October 18, 1931 West Orange, N.J.
Harlan Jay Ellison
Writer, Screenwriter
Born: May 27, 1934 Cleveland
Daniel Decatur "Dan" Emmett
Born: October 29, 1815 Mount Vernon
Died: June 28, 1904 Mount Vernon
John Evans
Physician, Educator, Railroad promoter, Politician
Born: March 9, 1814 Waynesville
Died: July 3, 1897 Denver, Colo.
Harvey Samuel Firestone
Industrialist, Founder: Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
Born: December 20, 1868 Columbiana
Died: February 7, 1938 Miami Beach, Fla.
Sarah Marie Fisher
Race car driver
Born: October 4, 1980 Columbus
Frederick N. "Fred" Funston
U.S. Army General, Journalist
Born: September 11, 1865 New Carlisle
Died: February 19, 1917 San Antonio, Tex.
William Clark Gable
Born: February 1, 1901 Cadiz
Died: November 16, 1960 Los Angeles, Calif.
James Abram Garfield
President of the United States,
Born: November 19, 1831 Cuyahoga County
Died: September 19, 1881 Elberon (now in Long Branch), N.J.
Terry Ann "Teri" Garr
Actress, Comedienne
Born: December 11, 1944 Lakewood
Cass Gilbert
Born: November 29, 1859 Zanesville
Died: May 17, 1934 Brockenhurst, Hampshire, Eng.
Lillian Diana Gish
Born: October 14, 1893 Springfield
Died: February 27, 1993 New York, N.Y.
John Herschel Glenn, Jr.
U.S. Senator, Astronaut, Pilot
Born: July 18, 1921 Cambridge
Ulysses Simpson Grant
(Born: Hiram Ulysses Grant)
President of the United States, U.S. Army General
Born: April 27, 1822 Point Pleasant
Died: July 23, 1885 Mount McGregor, N.Y.
Pearl Zane Grey
Born: January 31, 1872 Zanesville
Died: October 23, 1939 Altadena, Calif.
Warren Gamaliel Harding
President of the United States
Born: November 2, 1865 Caledonia (now Blooming Grove)
Died: August 2, 1923 San Francisco, Calif.
Charles M. Hall
Inventor, Chemist
Born: December 6, 1863 Thompson
Died: December 27, 1914 Daytona Beach, Fla.
Benjamin Harrison
President of the United States
Born: August 20, 1833 North Bend
Died: March 13, 1901 Indianapolis, Ind.
Rutherford Birchard Hayes
President of the United States
Born: October 4, 1822 Delaware
Died: January 17, 1893 Fremont
Wayne Woodrow "Woody" Hayes
College football coach
Born: February 14, 1913 Clifton
Died: March 12, 1987 Upper Arlington
Karl Gordon Henize
Astronaut, Astronomer
Born: October 17, 1926 Cincinnati
Died: October 5, 1993 Mount Everest, Nepal
Robert Henri
(Born: Robert Henry Cozad)
Artist, Teacher
Born: June 25, 1865 Cincinnati
Died: July 12, 1929 New York, N.Y.
Kate "Katie" Noelle Holmes
Born: December 18, 1978 Toledo
William Dean Howells
Writer, Literary critic
Born: October 23, 1939 Martins Ferry (now Martinsville)
Died: May 11, 1920 New York, N.Y.
Philip Cortelyou Johnson
Born: July 8, 1906 Cleveland
Died: January 25, 2005 New Canaan, Conn.
Charles Franklin Kettering
Inventor, Founder: Delco, Electrical engineer
Born: August 29, 1876 Londonville
Died: November 25, 1958 Dayton
Kenisaw Mountain Landis
Federal judge, First commissioner of baseball
Born: November 20, 1866 Millville
Died: November 25, 1944 Chicago, Ill.
Maya Ying Lin
Sculptor, Artist
Born: October 5, 1959 Athens
James "Jim" Arthur Lovell, Jr.
Astronaut, Test pilot
Born: March 25, 1928 Cleveland
Dean Martin
(Born: Dino Paul Crocetti)
Singer, Actor, Comedian
Born: June 7, 1917 Steubenville
Died: December 25, 1995 Berverly Hills, Calif.
William McKinley, Jr.
President of the United States
Born: January 29, 1843 Niles
Died: September 14, 1901 Buffalo, N.Y.
Toni Morrison
(Born: Chloe Anthony Wofford)
Writer, Educator, Editor
Born: February 18, 1931 Lorain
Edwin Corley Moses
Olympic gold-medalist, track and field
Born: August 31, 1955 Dayton
Paul Leonard Newman
Actor, Director, Race car driver, Humanitarian
Born: January 26, 1925 Shaker Heights
Died: September 27, 2008 Westport, Conn.
Jack William Nicklaus
(Nickname: The Golden Bear)
Born: January 21, 1940 Columbus
George William Norris
U.S. Senator
Born: July 11, 1861 near Clyde, Sandusky County
Died: September 2, 1944 McCook, Nebr.
Annie Oakley
(Born: Phoebe Ann Mosey)
(Nickname: Little Sure Shot)
Born: August 13, 1860 Darke County
Died: November 3, 1926 Greenville, Oh.
Jack Harold Paar
Radio/Television talk show host
Born: May 1, 1918 Canton
Died: January 27, 2004 Greenwich, Conn.
Norman Vincent Peale
Religious leader
Born: May 31, 1898 Bowersville
Died: December 24, 1993 Pawling, N.Y.
Roy J. Plunkett
Chemist, Inventor
Born: June 26, 1910 New Carlisle
Died: May 12, 1994 Corpus Christi, Tex.
Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr.
Born: May 5, 1914 Cincinnati
Died: November 15, 1958 Madrid, Spain
Judith Arlene Resnik
Astronaut, Engineer
Born: April 5, 1949 Akron
Died: January 28, 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger launch
Edward Vernon "Eddie" Rickenbacker
World War I pilot, Race car driver, Government consultant
Born: October 8, 1890 Columbus
Died: July 27, 1973 Zurich, Switzerland
Roy Rogers
(Born: Leonard Franklin Slye)
(Nickname: King of the Cowboys)
Singer, Actor
Born: November 5, 1911 Cincinnati
Died: July 6, 1998 Apple Valley, Calif.
Peter Edward "Pete" Rose, Sr.
(Nickname: Charlie Hustle)
Baseball player, Baseball manager
Born: Cincinnati April 14, 1941
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Historian, Educator
Born: October 15, 1917 Columbus
Died: February 28, 2007 New York, N.Y.
Donald Francis "Don" Shula
Football coach
Born: January 4, 1930 Grand River
William Tecumseh Sherman
U.S. Army General, Businessman, Author, Educator
Born: February 8, 1820 Lancaster
Died: February 14, 1891 New York, N.Y.
Steven Allan Spielberg
Film director, Producer
Born: December 18, 1946 Cincinnati
Roger Thomas Staubach (br />(Nicknames: Roger the Dodger, Captain Comeback, Captain America)
Football player, Businessman
Born: February 5, 1942 Cincinnati
Gloria Marie Steinem
Journalist, Women’s rights activist
Born: March 25, 1934 Toledo
Robert Lawrence "R.L." Stine
Born: October 9, 1943 Columbus
Robert Alphonso Taft
U.S. Senator
Born: September 8, 1889 Cincinnati
Died: July 31, 1953 New York, N.Y.
William Howard Taft
President of the United States
Born: September 15, 1857 Cincinnati
Died: March 8, 1930 Washington, D.C.
(Also: Tecumtha or Tekamthi)
Shawnee leader
Born: March 1768 Central Ohio
Died: October 5, 1813 Thames River, near Chatham, Ontario, Can.
Lowell Jackson Thomas
Writer, Journalist, Broadcaster
Born: April 6, 1892 Woodington
Died: August 29, 1981 Pawling, N.Y.
James Grover Thurber
Humorist, Cartoonist
Born: December 8, 1894 Columbus
Died: November 2, 1961 New York, N.Y.
Robert Edward "Ted" Turner III
Businessman, Philanthropist, Founder: CNN
Born: November 19, 1938 Cincinnati
John Henry Twachtman
Born: August 4, 1853 Cincinnati
Died: August 8, 1902 Gloucester, Mass.
Ernest Henry Volwiler
Inventor, Chemist
Born: August 22, 1893 Hamilton
Died: October 3, 1992 Lake Forest, Ill.
Orville Wright
Inventor, Printer, Bicycle maker
Born: August 19, 1871 Dayton
Died: January 30, 1948 Dayton
Denton True "Cy" Young
Baseball player
Born: March 29, 1867 Gilmore
Died: November 4, 1955 Newcomerstown

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